St Patrick’s Day and Gifts to Buy

St. Patrick’s days, March 17th, a day the Irish and everyone else celebrate that all over the world. It is a day for joyous celebration, fun and laughter with friends and family. From the rural villages in the homeland, to the major cities around the world, on this day the world turns green and gives a salute to the men and women from Ireland.

More than one hundred million people across the world will be celebrating the day in memory of a man called Patrick. A man born in Britain around 385AD, as a boy pf 14 he was captured and brought to Ireland as a slave. He spent 6 years in slavery, mainly tending to sheep. He then left and went abroad to study, at the age of 30 he returned as a missionary to convert the Celtic Heathen and pagans to Christianity.

He used the shamrock to illustrate the Holy Trinity, and why it is now the national flower and it has lead to the term “drowning the Shamrock”, meaning drinking a few alcoholic beverages in celebration. St. Patrick was also well known for driving the snakes out of Ireland, while there are to this date none there; it is believed that this is reference to getting the pagan religions (evil religions – snakes) out.

With so much myth and legend tied to this day, over the last number of years, gifting on St. Patricks day has become more and more common. The choice of gits is very much in tune with the day and its ties to Ireland.

The most common gift is the shamrock, presenting a friend or family member with a bowl of the green stuff is considered to bring them luck. But other gifts are becoming more and more prevalent as people look to have that something special with ties to the history of the land. There is a big increase in unique hand crafted gifts from the country itself. People are loving the stories and the history of the country and gifts that represent this while being made there as well are truly special and should be sought out and cared for.

Myself personally I do like to give items made from Ash, wood is of an amazing natural beauty but the ties to the Irish for Ash runs very deep. A hand crafted Ash ring can make a beautiful gift for friends, family or someone special.