Summer’s Top Most Flattering Colors 2021 Fashion Trends

Summer’s Top Most Flattering Colors | 2021 Fashion Trends Wearing color does not come easy for many of us, but it’s one of those things that you can’t stop once you start. So summer color trends now aren’t just any old colors in fact, three of them, in particular, are universally flattering, and that means they’re going to suit everyone regardless of your hair color or your skin tone. These three colors will surprise you because you may not realize how flattering they are and how easy they are to wear now; let’s kick-off and start sharing these colors with you. So if you’ve been shopping online lately you will have seen that summer is all about color now color just brings us joy it makes us feel happy most of you tend to agree a number of you did say that you are a little bit nervous when it comes to color picked three colors in particular that are going to work for everyone and guessing that three these three colors are perhaps colors that you haven’t considered in the past so without further due let’s get on with these colors. Powder Blue The first color that is universally flattering and does suit everyone is powder blue. So if you haven’t worn powder blue or considered wearing it, please do because it is such a beautiful, flattering color and everyone can wear it. It looks really beautiful worn back with white and light gray for a really simple tonal look it also looks really beautiful worn with chocolate browns which there are a lot of chocolates around at the moment so think of this pale blue as another neutral so think of it in the way that you would think of a brown a black a navy a beige it’s another neutral and for that reason it just makes it a very versatile color to wear. So if you are looking for something a little bit different, this season also goes with beautiful golden yellow hues as well so it is one of those colors that you can wear with lots of other colors. You can wear it on its own, so think of it in your mind as a neutral, but it’s a neutral that is pretty and a little bit unique because we don’t see it all the time. It will be versatile, though, because it’ll work back with a lot of the clothes you already own but it’s just a bit of a fun neutral and something a little new and a little fresh for summer. Butter Cream Now, if you’d like to break out of the rut of wearing black and white as your staple neutrals, this next color is going to be, I think, a real favorite. It’s called buttercream, and essentially what it is it’s a very neutral cream, but it has a tiny touch of yellow in it, and that yellow tends to warm up the cream and make it extremely flattering for everyone. Now, this sort of flies in the face buttercream isn’t yellow, but it is just cream with the tiniest touch of yellow, which takes it into a lovely warm neutral and even if you’re not normally a fan of neutrals, this is one to keep an eye out for. Mauve Mauve is the perfect balance between purple and lavender, so it’s not purple it’s not lavender it’s mauve it’s very much in between these colors. It’s such a beautiful warm color and again, it’s one that we don’t often think about as being universally flattering or being neutral. Find it interesting because often wearing a deep purple is not especially easy or styling a pale pastel lavender isn’t easy either but almost in the middle ground of those two sets mauve and it just becomes a really easy color to style it’s also a really pretty color it’s soft again it’s a neutral and it will suit everyone. So if you like shopping online, you’re not going to go wrong if you purchase a piece in mauve, it’s highly likely it is going to work for you now like all colors, there are many different shades of mauve but regardless, you are going to find that it is 95% a sure thing that it will work for you. Green This beautiful shade of green is very much on-trend for spring, summer this year now, green is a color associated with nature and wellness and health and vitality, which makes a lot of sense. In terms of styling greens, darker, deeper greens look great styled with black pieces, black accessories, and black shoes. Still, also greens look beautiful with florals which is perfect for this time of year as well and often green is just one of those colors that we don’t think of and it just doesn’t come to mind immediately. But because it is on trend, there are a lot of options out there, and it’s a color worth looking at or just worth considering. Usually, when it comes to pairing up colors, it’s always good to look at what is opposite on the color wheel now red is opposite to green on the color wheel. Yellow The color yellow now we struggle with this color to find the right shade of yellow, but yellow is all sorts of beautiful. It represents sunshine and happiness, and there is a lot of it around. So we have also seen a lot of beautiful yellow florals, so if you are game and you’re keen to try something new and bright and fresh for summer, consider yellow it does just take a little bit of getting used to the right shade of yellow for you that’s where florals make it a little bit easier. Because other little colors within the print make it easier to wear yellow, it’s not just a block yellow, but there is a lot of beautiful yellow around everything from pale to bright, vibrant deep yellows, so if you are a fan of yellow, then it is your time to shine.