Cake Display Fridges Designed for Specialty Shops

Cafes or coffee shops that already have a complete menu can still add a variety of fresh and delectable cakes to their menu. And there is an easy and very attractive way to do this. If there’s no room on your menu or you change the flavours of cake regularly then a great way to offer these cakes is via a cake display fridge. With the Salvadore Cake Display Fridge you can elegantly showcase the variety of cakes you have available for the day. In this catering equipment you can display four cakes so that could be a chocolate cake, carrot cake, lemon cake and a sponge cake. Or you could feature a cheesecake, red velvet cake, peppermint tart and a milk tart. It all depends on what you’ve baked for the day. And changing these options often will keep the customers guessing and being intrigued thus encouraging them to come back again out of curiosity and try the different flavours. When you have these delicious cakes right there in the view of the customer, they will desire it and will want to get a bite of it. These are the features of the Salvadore Cake Display Fridge for cafes and restaurants: The Salvadore Cake Display Fridge has a compact design that makes it suitable for countertops. It can fit neatly yet be appealing at the same time. It is an easily adjustable type of catering equipment with levelling feet to stabilise the unit. It is manufactured with four fully adjustable shelves which are either rotating or fixed shelves. With the rotating shelves the cake turns on the shelves thus making it a moving display of cakes. And we all know how people are drawn to moving objects. The Salvadore Cake Display Fridge has a solid construction with the exterior and the interior being made of aluminium and stainless steel. Therefore, it is a strong and sturdy catering equipment. This catering equipment has a self-closing magnetic sealing door. This is great for those busy cafes and restaurants where the waiter may be rushed to serve many customers and forgets to the close the door. The door will close on its own. It has a built-in digital electronic temperature control unit to keep the air at the ideal temperature. Therefore the cake is ready to eat at all times throughout the day. This unit is designed specifically for tropical conditions like ours where the heat in summer can be rather intense, so the cake’s temperature remains constant. The Salvadore Cake Display Fridge has been designed with double glazed windows and a heater to prevent condensation. Furthermore, it also has an automatic defrost function. So the cake won’t get moist or freeze inside the unit. On an environmentally friendly note, it uses ozone friendly R134a gas. This catering equipment includes interior illumination for the perfect cake display. The contents are lit from different sides so that the customer can clearly see how wonderful the cake has been made thus making it even more enticing to customer. The Salvadore Cake Display Fridge is one of those commercial kitchen equipment products that you must have in your restaurant or cafe because it makes it so much easier to offer it to your customers. While your customer is seated at their table and having a cup of coffee they could be eyeing the cake. We all know that the more you see something, especially something delicious like an appealing sweet dessert, the more you want it. For example, imagine I put a slice of chocolate in front of you right now. What would you do? You would want to eat right away without hesitation.